Hi! Welcome to GRACEthenshop. We are so Glad you are here. Gracethenshop it’s a family online shop. Our Journey started back in May 2022 .
What a journey this has been to my family and I so far. We started with some online platforms to help others and put smile on everyone face. We all know that life is not perfect but we believe your outfit can be:) We are Located at vacation destination the beautiful sunshine State of FL. I have two managers my girl and my boy. Yes I know I got the best team and my wonderful husband who always supports me. We love to say , you are at the right place ,at the right time. The reason is we believe in what we do, not only that , I LOVE what I do. I hand pick my selections and love you to shine and have fun with what you wear or read and make a big impact on you and enjoy your shopping experience as well. We take pleasure in seeing our customers happy and make the shopping enjoyable and easy for them. We are a small but we offer, great quality product that you can count on. From step one to last steps which is packaging them and send them your way we do it with Care and LOVE and we enjoyed every second of it. Give us a try and judge it for yourself 🙂 We use different brands, items and we have gently used items and brand new products that we will always make sure you know what you are buying. Please feel free to ask questions if you need more information. We would like you to be satisfied and shop with confidence. As we mentioned we are small online business and our policy is no return or exchange but gladly will answer your questions if you have any. Thank you for Supporting us by making purchases or sharing our website with others. Your support in all those different ways are greatly appreciate it. Please always remember that . I love your Love notes, They really do mean a lot to me and my family. So please keep them coming. I want to personally thank you for visiting and shopping at our website. Why fit in when you were born to Stand Out? Dr. Seuss.
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